Airbus Strikes Deal With Primera Air

Posted on May 10, 2018 John Jones

Primera Air, an airline based in Riga, Latvia has recently partnered with Airbus for a repair service package. The new tailored support package will cater to Primera Air’s A321 Neo Aircraft and will handle aircraft component services such as repair, transportation, warehousing, technical management and logistics. This package will be supported by one of Airbus’ new pools located in either London or Miami. Services will be handled by dedicated and knowledgeable Airbus fleet management team members. The FHS team will be trained using a data platform from Skywise.

This state of the art data hosting server will keep track of analytics for the A321neo Fleet. The platform will be able to enhance operational levels for inventory, supply chain management, and delivery. Skybus CEO states

” When introducing a new aircraft to an airline it is critical to create a solid foundation from the vet beginning”.

This is exactly why Airbus has offered its support package, to ensure the aircraft fleet introduction starts smoothly and stays smoothly. The program includes the highest level of dispatch performance, keeping planes in the air and flying on time. The support package will begin in early May and will be open for all transatlantic flights.

Airbus is an international leader in the aviation and aerospace industry. They are constantly manufacturing, designing and delivering solutions, services and solutions to customers around the globe. The company was based on a strong European heritage and has since grown to become truly international with over 180 locations and 12,000 direct suppliers across the globe. The company has delivered over 10,926 aircrafts and has achieved a six-fold order book increase in the last 18 years. Airbus is the future, and they are proud to have Primera air join their fleet.

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