Gaskets and seals used in aerospace systems and equipment must be of superior quality and adhere to a high standard of production. Generally, they are found in an array of aerospace applications including radars, antennas, lighting, access panels, electrical conductivity, pressure sealing, and more. Because of their many uses, choosing the right aerospace gasket is essential. Apart from ensuring you select the correct gasket for your application, you must make sure it meets your criteria and performance parameters.

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Aircraft can come in many shapes and sizes, accommodating particular design requirements, applications, and needs. When observing various aircraft, you may have noticed that some airliners feature a lower tailplane while others may have what is known as a T-tail. While differing from a majority of designs found on commercial airliners, these T-tails serve a significant role in flight.

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Jet engines are complex pieces of machinery that propel giant metal contraptions tens of thousands of feet in the air. They’re a type of combustion reaction engine that discharge fast-moving streams of fluid and generate thrust by propulsion. They’re made of different parts: a fan, compressor, combustor, turbine, nozzle, and exhaust.

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