Components of a Jet Engine

Jet engines are complex pieces of machinery that propel giant metal contraptions tens of thousands of feet in the air. They’re a type of combustion reaction engine that discharge fast-moving streams of fluid and generate thrust by propulsion. They’re made of different parts: a fan, compressor, combustor, turbine, nozzle, and exhaust.

The fan, or the air inlet, is a large spinning fan made of titanium that sucks in a large quantity of air. After sucking, it speeds up the air and splits it into two parts: one that goes through the core part or through the center of the jet engine where it is acted upon by other engine components, and one that “bypasses” the core and goes through a duct that surrounds the core and produces much of the force that propels the airplane forward.

The compressor is the first component of the core. It’s made up of fans with many blades attached to the shaft and has many different stages, each consisting of rotating vanes and stationary stators. As air goes through the compressor, the heat and pressure increases, the energy is derived from the turbine and passed along the shaft, and then the compressed air is forced into the combustion chamber.

In the combustor, there are as many as 20 nozzles to spray fuel into the airstream, and the mixture of air and fuel catches fire. The fuel and oxygen burning produces hot expanding gases, leading to high temperatures and high-energy airflow.

The high-energy airflow leaves the combustor to spin the turbine, a series of bladed discs that act like a windmill. The turbines are linked by a shaft to turn the blades in the compressor and to spin the intake fan at the front. This process takes some energy from the high-energy flow. In some turbine engines, additional energy is used to drive things like the propellers, bypass fans, and rotors.

The last part is the nozzle and exhaust, where the thrust is actually produced. The hot energy-depleted airflow that passed through the turbines and the colder air that bypassed the core converge and exit the nozzle, exerting a force that propels the aircraft forward.

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September 20, 2021

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