Guide to Aerospace PCB Assembly

The PCB assembly process is an important part of aerospace manufacturing that involves the placement of various circuits and electrical components onto a printed circuit board (PCB). As one of the core parts of modern electronic systems, PCBs are commonly used in aerospace applications to support the thousands of electronics employed on board aircraft. As such, there are key aspects to keep in mind when assembling PCBs, including evaluating their durability within harsh working environments. In this blog, we discuss the factors which operators consider during this process and the future of PCB assembly.

A printed circuit board is an electronic assembly that uses copper conductors to create electronic connections between components. Often, it takes the form of a laminated “sandwich” structure which has both conductive and insulating layers. Using these various components, the PCB works like a miniaturized city power grid sending electrical signals through the conductive pathways on its surface to reach connected parts. When combined with other PCBs, each of these small structures can provide a compact method of organizing all the electrical connections and components needed for an electronic device to function.
With such an important role to play, every printed circuit board in an aircraft must be carefully assembled to make sure the vehicle will work as desired. For this reason, the PCB assembly process includes both building and testing electronic equipment to identify potential flaws in a system. In addition to guaranteeing the reliable use of an aircraft's PCBs, proper PCB assembly also helps to reduce costs by avoiding expensive repairs or labor costs down the line.
When choosing how to properly assemble a PCB, there are several major factors to consider. First, the size and complexity of the project are essential to know. In general, larger, more complex projects will demand specialized expertise and equipment, while smaller assembly projects might be simpler to manage. For this purpose, some companies cater to complex assemblies, while others may be more adept at quickly handling smaller projects. Furthermore, it is also important to consider the potential timeframe of the PCB assembly process. Manufacturers should present an estimated timeframe which can be helpful for planning ahead. Keep in mind, this timeframe will also include the time it takes to produce prototypes before the final product is tackled.
One last key factor to consider is deciding on the right material for a printed circuit board assembly. When choosing a PCB material, there are many options, and each has its pros and cons. For example, FR4 is an affordable and durable material that is easy to work with, but it is not waterproof or flame retardant, meaning it cannot be used in most industrial applications. Alternatively, there is glass-reinforced epoxy (GRP), which is more expensive but highly durable with the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. It also has excellent electrical properties and is highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion. Finally, if you are looking for a material that combines durability and electrical integrity in an affordable way, you might consider using FR4 or GRP boards that have copper traces embedded within them.
With the rise of smart technology, there is an increased demand for intelligent products which can handle highly complex processes in a compact space. As a result, the massive electronics market and aerospace industry alike rely on efficient PCB assembly to support their operations. With in-demand PCB parts and other high quality electronics on our website, you can count on Jet Parts 360 and our wide selection of offerings to suit the needs of your operations. Explore our online catalog of electrical parts or search for a specific item using our provided search tool and relevant filters. Upon finding a product of interest, you may easily request a quote for your comparisons to receive a custom-fit solution that caters to your operational needs.


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