How to Maximize Cost-Savings in Ground Support Equipment Fleets?

In order to keep up with the many flights that happen each day, airports operate with very little downtime. As soon as an airplane lands and reaches the airport gate, airline staff and ground handling agencies start preparing the aircraft for its next departure. Combining airport ramp operations, ground handling, and ground support equipment, these constant operations can end up being very expensive. So, in order to increase cost savings, many airlines work to streamline and maximize the efficiency of their ground handling equipment. In this article, we share some of the ways in which airline operators may lower costs and get the most out of their airport ground support equipment (GSE).

Use Fleet Telematics
Telematics is a branch of information technology which deals with long distance transmission of computerized information. Just as with many other fields, aviation has its own form of telematics which are employed to help convey timely information about the status of ground crew and aircraft. Using this information, a crew can make improvements to ground support operations, including idle times and fuel efficiency.
Improve Training of GSE Maintenance Personnel
Aside from hiring knowledgeable professionals, it is important to maintain regular training to keep up with changes in the industry and further bulk up the knowledge of personnel. This will result in improved productivity and reduction in costs because ground operators will know how to easily troubleshoot problems, avoiding expensive equipment failures before they happen. Maintenance personnel should also be trained to identify and replace faulty GSE parts to ensure that everything remains in working order.

Put Proactive Maintenance Plans in Place
To stop equipment issues before they start, it is important to be proactive by putting regular GSE maintenance plans in place. As such, there should always be a schedule established for regular maintenance, as well as daily GSE checks. Having regular equipment checks will help you to avoid last-minute servicing and costly repairs.

Streamline Parts Procurement Processes
When you know that you will be needing a steady flow of new parts throughout the year, it can be very helpful to find a single dependable sourcing partner. Buying parts from many different part suppliers can negatively affect your bottom line. To combat this, sourcing from a few suppliers or just one can decrease overall costs by simplifying the entire process. Overall, using a single distributor can lead to reduced transaction and administrative costs, along with the elimination of the need for last-minute, costly part shipping. It also allows for clear part and brand standardization, as well as less time and money spent on deciphering product specifications.

Examine Your Storeroom Organization and Process Control
By looking at your airport GSE operation as a whole, you may find some ways to lower costs by improving how your processes work, including how you store ground handling equipment replacement parts. One major thing to consider is the rate at which you fill airport ground support equipment parts orders. You may also want to consider if the stocking levels in your parts storeroom match the requirements of your current airport GSE fleet. Finally, it should be asked if your storeroom staff is optimized for your current GSE operation.

In addition to sourcing efficient, durable parts for your GSE fleet, it is crucial to make maintenance and part replacement a strategic and regular part of your operations. One such way to limit costs is to find a dependable aircraft part distributor. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, Jet Parts 360 is a leading distributor of GSE tools that can help simplify your part fulfillment process. With a widespread network of suppliers, we guarantee convenient shipping whether you are located domestically or internationally. Furthermore, as an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited enterprise, we guarantee the quality and authenticity for all our items. Begin procuring the parts you need today with time and cost savings when you choose to partner with Jet Parts 360!


February 23, 2022

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