Aircraft Turnaround Efficiency and Combat Delays

 When a flight ends, a commercial aircraft will need to rapidly be cleaned, inspected, and prepared for the next set of passengers in a process known as a turnaround. To ensure smooth flights with no delays, the aircraft turnaround process must be minimal while ensuring all regulations and procedures are met. In this blog, we will discuss the efficiency of aircraft turnaround operations and how such processes can be safely improved.

While a number of factors can potentially slow down the aircraft turnaround process, the most common causes of delays are missing passengers, untimely ground handling services, and aircraft ground damage. Depending on the type of issue that is being faced, delays may range in length. As longer delays can quickly lead to major time and money costs, it is always important to follow standardized procedures.

 When referring to missing passengers, one is referring to ticket holders who are not on an aircraft when it is ready for takeoff. Whether searching for a passenger who is missing from the initial flight or one who needs to be on a flight transfer, such efforts can be a very time-consuming process that will not be known until it is time for the doors of the aircraft to be closed. While this is not quite controllable by the airliner, many will follow standard regulations to ensure that ample time is given for a late passenger while ensuring that there is a cut-off time to avoid long delays.

During the turnover, various ground handling services will need to be completed prior to takeoff, examples including passenger handling, ramp handling, and cargo & baggage handling. If any one of these processes faces a hiccup, the entire ground handling operation can become delayed like a wrench thrown into the works. As many operations and departments work in unison or depend on the actions of one another, one issue can culminate into bigger delays. As a result, having well-planned, efficient operations with employees who are amply trained and guided is a must to avoid significant setbacks and delays.

Aircraft ground damage is the final major cause of delays, and it can also be very costly as well. Aircraft ground damage may occur from multiple sources, often being the result of collisions with other aircraft, ground support equipment, and passenger boarding bridges, as well as poorly connected hoses, cables, and ducts. As human error is a primary cause of aircraft ground damage, all personnel must be well-trained and understand aircraft safety guidelines that are put in place.

 Whether a potential delay is minor or major, there are many ways in which operators can combat the chance of one occurring. For one, having proper communication between all teams is crucial for minimizing turnaround times, and adherence to safety regulations is a must. Through standardization and innovation, companies can also save time and money as protocols are designed and established. Additionally, having reliable and advanced ground support equipment is also beneficial for assisting staff in their various endeavors.

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February 23, 2022

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