Boeing, Blue Air Announce Order for Six 737 MAXs

Blue Air, the largest Romanian airline, has ordered six 737 MAX aircraft from Boeing Aircraft during the 2017 Paris Air Show. In addition, Blue Air has also plans to lease six Next Generation 737-800s from the Air Lease Corporation.

Blue Air has become the largest airline in Romania partly through its partnership with the Boeing Company. The airline offers operational reliability, a stellar safety history and has experienced an increase in customer numbers. The addition of the 737 MAX to the Blue Air fleet will allow the airline to reach new destinations in a larger flight radius while still preserving low fares for all passengers.

The efficiency of the 737 MAX is directly responsible for this accomplishment. The effective design of the MAX model has made it the fastest selling airplane in Boeing’s product offering. The model is based on earlier 737 designs but has been re-equipped with a more efficient CFM International LEAP 1B, which is a high-bypass turbofan engine. This engine has tested 10-12% more efficient than previous versions. The 737 MAX also has improved aerodynamic features such as split-tip winglets, and modifications to the airframe. The split tip device design allows for maximized lift and is expected to offer at least 1.5% improvements in fuel economy.

This has allowed the company to generate more cash in the second quarter and to reward its shareholders with billions. Boeing Aerospace has increased not only the efficiency of its aircraft but the efficiency of their production. The increased production of the 737 MAX has impacted other models in the company’s product offering, causing fewer overall planes to be produced.

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