Do Commercial Aircrafts Have Essential Parts?

When it comes to operation and functionality to the satisfaction of safety standards on an aircraft; it’s the engine, fuel system, and it’s electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, and electronic systems that keep it running for the passengers and cargo aboard.

However, there is an ongoing argument that debates between systems like IFE (entertainment) being an unnecessary expense for airplanes. The counterargument discusses the need for entertainment. Otherwise, passengers would be cranky during longer flights because of boredom. When passengers become bored or irritable, they require more attention from the flight crew. It is also possible that the passengers could get “air rage” and create issues for fellow passengers and crew.

There are other essential parts of a plane. The engine, fuel system, and its electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, and electronic systems are vital for the plane to take flight. However, cabin air pressurization is essential to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere for anyone on board at a high altitude. While you’re in the air, it is also important to have air-to-ground communication systems without them, since the sky have become more and more crowded over the years, there are higher chances of air collisions. Landing gear and control surfaces also help keep the plane safe from accidents and hazards during landing.

With all the different controls on a plane to help manage all the parts it also brings up the need for high tech computers. Within an aircraft, the piolet needs to be close to all the controls discussed above to guarantee the safety of the passengers and crew as well as the plane itself.

So, after all these possible topics which one is the most important?

Without the turbine aircraft engines, nothing would keep the electric on the plane working. That removes many of the flight communications, as well as all landing gear, and even entertainment. Without the engines, airplanes would not be able to lift off the ground. To solidify this discussion, the engine is so important that it counts for one-half to one-third of every aircrafts net price.


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