The Silvercrest Engine Lives after Cancellation of Dassault’s Falcon 5X

Textron has been able to keep the vision of the Silvercrest alive after Dassault’s descion to haul the production of its Falcon 5X. The Falcon 5X that was in speculation of being produced was a 10,000lb thrust turbofan powered aircraft. According to an article from it has been stated that the cancelation of the Falcon 5X was caused due to malfunctions with the oil fuel heat exchanger along with clearance controls in the high-pressure core of the engine.

The Silvercrest will continue to be placed under review and will newly be incorporated into Cessnas Citation Hemisphere twin engine aircraft. Although the Silvercrest experienced some malfunctions, Textron can assure that this set back will not impede plans already committed to Cessna by commenting, "As we currently understand it, the latest Silvercrest status does not significantly impact engine deliveries for the Hemisphere programme.”

With progress slowly coming together for either company the initial flight for the Hemisphere is predicted to take place in the year 2019.

According to the Cessna team, the Hemisphere should have been integrated with the Silvercrest long ago but was ceased when it failed repeated times during its initial trials with Dassault.

The reputable Hemisphere has created a name for itself along with becoming Textrons largest Jet in 2020 when it’s completed.

Although Dassault will no longer carry the Silvercrest but will continue its efforts to have the Falcon 5X up and running. On December 13th Dassault disclosed that its new project will be releasing a jet powered by Pratt & Whitney’s PW800s. The new Jet from Dassault is said to be completed and flying by the year 2020.

The Silvercrest has been configured with new state of the art components such as axial-centrifugal design that makes it different than standardized units that are commonly found on the market.

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