What Are Some Ground Support Equipments?

For those unfamiliar with aviation and aeronautical jargon, the term ground support equipment (GSE) refers to the support equipment found at an airport. To better understand GSE, you have to understand what ground handling is. Ground handling is an aviation term that refers to the services performed on an aircraft while it is still on the ground at the terminal gate. These services can include such things as cabin service (cabin replenishing for instance), and ramp service (aircraft marshalling, towing, lavatory drainage, etc). Ground handling also refers to the maintenance done on an aircraft that is grounded, that is, one cannot fly until the parts needing maintenance are taken care of. This is where GSE comes into play.

GSE serves an important role that often goes unnoticed by the average civilian-- they are responsible for correcting and repairing parts on planes that need maintenance. For a brief outline of GSE, read on below.
Dollies - Dollies are an important device in GSE, as they act as the transport equipment for many heavy and bulky items. Dollies are a platform on wheels that is used to carry and transport heavy and cumbersome items from one place to another. Used in warehouses, factories, and even retail stores, dollies are especially useful in airports because an airport can span for miles and having a dolly to transport material is a godsend.
Container Loader - These are commonly referred to as K loaders. They’ve been used to unload and load pallets on and off an aircraft. These types of loaders have two platforms that can be raised loader and lowered loader. These loaders are built in with wheels making them conveniently mobile, and are offered in a variety of sizes including, but not limited, to 35 T, 7 T, and 30 T.
Ground Power Units - Ground power units are mobile power units that are designed to provide power to parked aircraft. Ground power units are sometimes built directly into the jetway for an easier power supply access. Aircraft power requirements can range from 28 volts of direct-current to 115 volts 400 Hz alternating-current.
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