Federal Supply Groups And Classes List by Number 4

FSG 40 Rope Cable Chain and Fittings No. Of Parts
FSC 4010 Chain and Wire Rope 7461
FSC 4020 Fiber Rope Cordage and Twine 555
FSC 4030 Fittings for Rope Cable and Chain 3280
FSG 41 Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Air Circulating Equipment No. Of Parts
FSC 4110 Refrigeration Equipment 761
FSC 4120 Air Conditioning Equipment 153
FSC 4130 Refrigeration and Air Condition Components 7675
FSC 4150 Vortex Tubes and Other Related Cooling Tubes 1
FSG 42 Firefighting Rescue and Safety Equipment and Environmental Protection Equipment and Materials No. Of Parts
FSC 4235 Hazardous Material Spill Containment and Clean up Equipment and Material 35
FSC 4250 Recycling and Reclamation Equipment 101
FSG 47 Pipe Tubing Hose and Fittings No. Of Parts
FSC 4710 Pipe Tube and Rigid Tubing 120370
FSC 4720 Hose and Flexible Tubing 211721
FSC 4730 Hose Pipe Tube Lubrication and Railing Fittings 388779
FSG 48 Valves No. Of Parts
FSC 4810 Valves Powered 61769
FSC 4820 Valves Nonpowered 334926

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