Federal Supply Groups And Classes List by Number 5

FSG 52 Measuring Tools No. Of Parts
FSC 5210 measuring Tools Craftsmens 12203
FSC 5220 Inspection Gages and Precision Layout Tools 10603
FSC 5280 Sets Kits and Outfits of Measuring Tools 464
FSG 53 Hardware and Abrasives No. Of Parts
FSC 5305 Screws 379083
FSC 5306 Bolts 188386
FSC 5307 Studs 42219
FSC 5310 Nuts and Washers 369566
FSC 5315 Nails Machine Keys and Pins 167679
FSC 5320 Rivets 220169
FSC 5325 Fastening Devices 116111
FSC 5330 Packing and Gasket Materials 464782
FSC 5335 Metal Screening 1019
FSC 5340 Hardware Commercial 395569
FSC 5345 Disks and Stones Abrasive 4248
FSC 5350 Abrasive Materials 2351
FSC 5355 Knobs and Pointers 40257
FSC 5360 Coil Flat Leaf and Wire Springs 161796
FSC 5365 Bushings Rings Shims and Spacers 219009
FSG 55 Lumber Millwork Plywood and Veneer No. Of Parts
FSC 5510 Lumber and Related Basic Wood Materials 110
FSC 5520 Millwork 28
FSC 5530 Plywood and Veneer 29

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