Federal Supply Groups And Classes List by Number 7

FSG 70 Automatic Data Processing Equipment (Including Firmware) Software Supplies and Support Equipment No. Of Parts
FSC 7010 ADPE System Configuration 2325
FSC 7020 ADP Central Processing Unit (CPU Computer) Analog 62
FSC 7021 ADP Central Processing Unit (CPU Computer) Digital 3308
FSC 7022 ADP Central Processing Unit (CPU Computer) Hybrid 14
FSC 7025 ADP Input Output and Storage Devices 22303
FSC 7030 ADP Software 877
FSC 7035 ADP Support Equipment 2140
FSC 7040 Punched Card Equipment 223
FSC 7042 Mini and Micro Computer Control Devices 20
FSC 7045 ADP Supplies 701
FSC 7050 ADP Components 2944

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