How To Reduce the Costs of Aviation MRO Inventory

While aircraft are highly advanced systems, they are still prone to eventual failure if parts are not regularly serviced and replaced. Keeping a full inventory of extra components can make MRO services quick, but maintaining such an inventory can be very costly and time consuming. This is due to the fact that aircraft parts are very expensive, often warranting quick turn-around times for the sake of inventory costs and regulation. Currently, a number of trends are developing for inventory management such as automation, software solutions, and radio frequency identification.

As with many industries currently, aviation is becoming increasingly digital. This holds true for the MRO services industry as well where automation is slowly replacing physical processes for efficiency. From automated guided vehicles to automated storage systems, a number of operators have been experimenting with new ways to tackle operations and management. Furthermore, many processes are also moving from being paper-based to being digital to save time.
Alongside reducing physical processes, workers are also seeing increased capabilities with the advent of wearable technology such as smart watches, glasses, and gloves, all of which highly benefit line operatives. With equipment such as smart gloves, items can be quickly scanned by workers so that they do not need to have a mobile scanner on them. As a result, a great amount of data entry is eliminated, allowing for check-ins and follow-ups to be conducted with ease. Finally, another major step towards optimizing MRO inventories comes in the form of following inbound forecasts. With such data-driven operations, operators can rapidly find out what parts they need, where they need them, and when they need them in order to reduce stock and have availability as soon as it is needed. With further IT system improvements, tracking live requirements and real time stock levels will become much easier and efficient.
Altogether, managing an aircraft parts inventory becomes much easier when utilizing software applications such as warehouse management systems and transport management systems as they allow for a more reliable stock that is available much quicker. Additionally, regular audits and cycle counts of inventory can help one always be aware of their inventory, as well as assist in maintaining storage conditions. As many fasteners, bearings, and connectors have shelf lives that dictate their reliability, maintaining a “first in, first out/last in, last out” procedure will greatly reduce waste and costs. As many airlines and maintenance service organizations adhere to various requirements for their inventory control, more advanced software can greatly ease these processes. With visual management and automated processes, handling transportation, customs clearance, and material handling can become a much easier process for workers.
Typically, holding on to unneeded parts and components can be seen as a waste of money, but ensuring that the exact part that you need for replacement is available when the time comes can sometimes prove difficult. To avoid situations in which a part cannot be found when it is needed, maintaining an optimal stock control system and forecasting stock is crucial. Operators should always watch for opportunities for disposing stock as well, as it can bring more profits to them.
As the aviation industry continues, increasing efficiency efforts for MRO services is becoming ever more important. When it does come time for procuring the ground support equipment and replacement aircraft components that you need to continue your operations, look no further than Jet Parts 360. Jet Parts 360 is a trusted distributor of top aircraft parts and other aerospace components, and we allow customers to compare quotes for every aviation product that we carry. Our inventory contains numerous premium parts from AOG part manufacturers, and we provide expedited shipping on a number of items for the benefit of our customers, fixed based operators, and MRO service organizations. Get started today and see how we can serve as your strategic sourcing partner.


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