Han 1A Connectors

As the modularization of industrial plants and systems continues to evolve, the industrial market is using smaller and smaller machines. As such, compact, modular, and robust connections are needed for connecting small loads. To respond to this need, Harting Technologies has developed a new type of connector: the Han 1A. This rectangular connector has a wide range of benefits and is suitable for the transmission of data, signals, and power, and provides an ideal solution within control systems, smaller drives, and switch cabinet installations.

The housings, inserts, and cables glands in the Han 1A series are made of high-performance plastic, which greatly reduces the connector’s weight. Furthermore, it is the smallest connector solution Harting has ever manufactured. When compared to the Han 3A, which was previously Harting’s smallest connector, it is about one third the size. The modular design of the Han 1A provides maximum flexibility for the respective application. Solutions for a broad range of tasks can be developed by a small number of changes to the connector’s elements. Power ratings up to 16 A/400V (amperes per 400 volts), signals with up to twelve contacts per insert, and a data rate of 10 gigabytes per second can all be transmitted.
Han 1A users can also decide between a classic metal clamp lock and a latched lock which is already integrated into the housing. There are also two choices when it comes to connection technology: screw connection and crimp connection. Additionally, the connector’s flexibility is furthered by a wide range of useful accessories. Using accessories such as cable glands or single-wire seals, the Han 1A system can instantly transform from an IP20 solution to an IP65 connector suitable for use in harsh industrial environments.
To summarize the Han 1A, here is an overview of its characteristics:
Low overall weight: Because it is composed primarily of plastic elements, the Han 1A has a low overall weight, especially when compared to similar metallic connectors.
Versatility: Thanks to its modular concept, the Han 1A offers customizable solutions to fit a variety of applications. It offers inserts for the transmission of data, signals, and power, as well as a wide range of other accessories.
Time savings: The straightforward ‘mate and click’ design of all individual components allow the Han 1A to be assembled in merely seconds.
Space savings: The components of the Han 1A conform to the industry trend towards minimalism and miniaturization. Despite this, they allow for the construction of robust Han connectors, even for use in harsh industrial environments.
Cost savings: The modular nature of the connector comprises a limited number of individual components, as such a virtually unlimited number of solutions can be created from very few parts, leading to a reduction of storage costs over time.
Data transmission (up to Category 6A): In addition to power and signal transmission, the Han 1A enables high-speed data transmission.
IP protection: In applications where it is necessary, the connector can be converted into an IP65 solution (for use in harsh environments) by using housing elements or single-wire seals.
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