The Importance of Electric Flight Power Connectors

When it comes down to the different components within an electric flight power system, connectors may be one of the most important. Connectors are used to connect batteries to speed controls, and speed controls to motors. Performance can be severely impacted by these connections, and poor connections can rob the systems of power, cause a meltdown, or result in a fire.

There are several different types of electric flight power connectors; however, this blog will only be giving an overview of the most commonly used. The three most common types include Anderson Power Pole, Sermos, and Lightspeed Super-Conn connectors. These connectors are all designed by Anderson, and they are often referred to as Sermos connectors because Sermos is their primary distributor.
These connectors, often referred to as Anderson DC cables, are designed to withstand being plugged in with the power turned on. When the connecting surfaces mate, the first parts to make contact are not the parts that will be touching once the connector is fully seated. As a result, arcing will not damage the part of the connector that typically carries the current.
Different from other connectors that contain a housing for both a positive and a negative connection, Sermos connectors come in individual connections. The connectors are genderless, and they are usually red or black. The connector housings have interlocking slots that allow them to be arranged in either side-by-side or stacked polarized pairs. A non-polarized approach, however, does not prevent the two batteries from being plugged in together. In order to avoid this scenario, the battery connectors can be arranged in a side-by-side form. While Sermos connectors are usually really long, making them less optimal for small planes, they are a good choice if you prefer to use connectors on both ends of the speed controls. By assembling the battery end side-by-side, and the motor end stacked, you are less likely to plug the battery directly into the motor.
Each connector housing contains an internal leaf spring that is responsible for pressing the contact against the mating connector’s spring. In order to assemble one connector, a wire is inserted into the metal connector’s solder cup, the cup should be heated with a good soldering iron, and the wick is then soldered into it. When cool, the connector can be slid into the housing from the back until it clicks into place.
Benefits of these electric flight power connectors include that they are quiet and clean, and as a result, the lack of noise pollution makes them ideal for aircraft flying over urban areas. Oftentimes after each flight, fuel residue can build up on your model, though this is not the case with electric power connectors. More than the benefits electric power connectors provide, making sure you are using the proper power connectors for your system is important because low quality or incorrectly sized connectors can increase the resistance to wiring which can produce heat or loss of power. Additionally, it is crucial to use as few connectors as possible to maximize your system’s efficiency.

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