Types of Aircraft Jet Engines

Since the inception of the gas powered engine dating back to 1903, there has been over 100 years of improvements and breakthroughs. From new abilities to greater efficiency, much has been achieved in regards to development. Currently, there are a diverse set of aircraft engine types, each having their own advantages and disadvantages. In this blog, we will give a short overview of a few common engine types.

The most widely used commercial aircraft engine parts comes in the form of the turbofan. Utilizing a gigantic fan attached to the engine, a great amount of air can be brought into the combustion chambers, increasing achievable thrust at low speeds and remaining relatively quiet. With turbofans, the air is drawn into the engine, which after compressing it, a mixture of air and fuel is combusted, driving the turbine to create thrust and is then ejected. The disadvantages of turbofans are that they lack efficiency at higher altitudes and have a much heavier weight than other types. As compared to engines such as turbojets, turbofans are much more fuel efficient.
Turbojets are relatively simplistic in design; air enters the back of the engine and undergoes compression. This air is then mixed with fuel, combusted, and then drives the turbine similar to a turbofan. As air is directed into the compressor, turbojets operate well at lower speeds with slighter air loss.
Ramjets are a more unique type of gas powered engine that do not feature any moving parts as compared to the others. Due to this, ramjets are fairly light and rely on the speed of the aircraft to have air intake and greater compression. Because of this, ramjets have limited ability to create thrust at low speeds, and very often rely on the aid of other systems to successfully take off.
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