What Are The Types Of Electric Lamps?

An electric lamp is something that you’ll see applied almost everywhere, from office spaces to homes and even out in the middle of most rural locations where rangers need lighting and illumination inside of their cabins. It’s not so strange then to think that lamps and various other lamp types are an essential in the aviation industry, but they certainly are. In this article, you can read about the various lamp types that are available in the market, their uses, as well as what to look out for. But before venturing further into the various lamp types, it’s essential that you know exactly what a lamp constitutes of, as it is a convenient piece of light emitting component that can be utilized in different circuits, primarily for indicating and lighting purposes.

Many lamps have just one filament surrounding its core, a transparent glass made spherical cover. The filament of the lamp is mostly constructed of tungsten because it has a high melting point temperature. A lamp emits light energy as the thin small tungsten filament of lamp glows without being melted, while current flows through it. Some things to look out for when purchasing lamps: voltage, power ratings, current rating. The voltage rating of a lamp must be marked on the lamp. If you do not see it marked, inquire the seller as to what the voltage is. If the supply of voltage across the lamp is lower than rated value, the lamp will not glow properly as current flowing through it will be insufficient. If the voltage across the lamp crosses the rated value, the filament may not be able to sustain the over current and it will blow out. As for the power rating, this is a very essential parameter because the filament of the lamp will carry current depending upon the electrical resistance offered by the lamp. Similarly, this is also why the current rating of the electric lamp is just as important. It determines the power consumption of the lamp. The power consumption is a product of voltage and current rating of the lamp which is what makes the lamp 100% resistive.

1Edison Screw type Lamps-
 One lamp type that is popular in the market is the Edison screw lamp. This offers one contact in the base and a separate contact on the metallic body of the lamp. This metallic body of the lamp resembles that of a screw shaped bulb. There are two very common variations of the Edison screw lamp, those two being Miniature Edison Screw Lamp (MES) that has a bulb diameter of 10 mm and the Lilliput Edison Screw Lamp (LES) which has a bulb diameter is 5 mm.
 Another popular lamp type is the small bayonet cap lamp, which has a power bulb rating of up to 24 watt. This lamp has a fitting that slightly resembles a bayonet. It also has both contacts on the base of the lamp, meaning that there is no electrical connection with the body of the lamp. With a standard bulb diameter about 40 mm, the small bayonet cap lamp has a horizontal and vertical filament arrangement.

3. Miniature Center Contact type Lamps-
Similar to the miniature Edison screw lamp and the Liliature Edison screw lamp, the miniature center contact lamp has just one contact in the base and another contact on the metallic body of the lamp. Its bulb diameter is 10 mm, but the main difference, however, is that this metallic body of the lamp is not screw shaped. Instead it has bayonet style fittings. For more information on lamp parts and types, contact our team at Jet Parts 360.
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