SpaceX Designs Launched its First Static Fire Test on its Brand New Zuma Falcon 9 Rocket

SpaceX designs, a company who manufactures and launches advanced spacecraft and rockets, launched its first static fire test on its brand-new Zuma Falcon 9 rocket. The firing occurred at the Kennedy space center, located in Florida. This scheduled test launch was working towards the actual launch of the Zuma Payload for Wednesday the 15th. The test took place just outside the pad gate LC-39A. This particular Falcon 9 is under contract with NASA and was used the Dragon mission to ISS. Scientist from NASA will review the test launch that the rocket passed before its upcoming launch back into orbit. The falcon 9 is a two-stage rocket that is reliable and safe to transport satellites into orbit. This rocket is the first orbital class rocket that is capable of reflight. The reusability of rockets is one of the key breakthroughs that SpaceX created. With reusable rockets the cost of space accessibility will decrease drastically, allowing the possibility of humans to live on different planets.

The Falcon 9 is an extremely reliable rocket, so it’s no surprise that it officially passed its test launch. The rocket has a two-stage configuration, which reduces the amount of separation events. Even in the event of a complete engine shutdown, the Falcon 9 will still safety complete its mission, a huge step forward for the world of space travel. The Falcon9 was first introduced in 2012 when it safety and efficiently delivered the “Dragon” into the correct orbit. The completed mission made SpaceX the first company to ever visit the space station. Currently, SpaceX is working alongside NASA to make regular human space travel a possibility soon.


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