VStar Systems Inc has Sensor being Tested by Martin UAV V-Bat

On March 2 2017, Courtney E. Howards, the Chief Editor of Intelligent Aerospace, wrote an article about how VStar Systems Inc.’s MA-C SIGINT sensor gets tested by the Martin UAV V-Bat. The MA-C is considered to be a modular signal intelligence sensor created by VStar Systems. VStar Systems is a aerospace and defense system company which is located in San Diego, California.

In terms of specifications, the MA-C is able to gather signals from distances as far as 20 miles during a flight test in which the flight test is at an altitude of 400 feet about ground level. The test lasted for over 35 minutes at that altitude. The ability to grab these signals is crucial in terms of providing military and private security clients for missions.

Here is what Andy von Stauffenberg, the VStar Systems CEO, predicts a couple of things based on the flight test. "This flight test is the first step toward utilizing smaller UAVs in superior ways. Under our lightweight design and modular approach, Martin UAV's V-Bat now has the ability to perform new, critical roles in today's information age. Our sensor opens the door to more innovation and more valuable uses for SIGINT, and aids even the smallest platforms in becoming multi-intelligence capable."

VStar System focuses on process, exploitation, and dissemination, ISR sensor systems, airborne and ground data processing, and quick reaction capabilities/rapid technology insertion.


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